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Paste Brush (AT) by MlpCocoaBean64 Paste Brush (AT) :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 Crystal Princesses  by MlpCocoaBean64 Crystal Princesses :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 Brony Cooper Gift by MlpCocoaBean64 Brony Cooper Gift :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 2 1 Satire Shadow by MlpCocoaBean64 Satire Shadow :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 Sunshine Daze Ref 2 by MlpCocoaBean64 Sunshine Daze Ref 2 :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 Catch That Hatchimal~ math project cover page by MlpCocoaBean64 Catch That Hatchimal~ math project cover page :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 Luster Cover in Birdemic by MlpCocoaBean64 Luster Cover in Birdemic :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Chears and Sparkle Heart by MlpCocoaBean64 Chears and Sparkle Heart :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 The Two Sisters Teams by MlpCocoaBean64 The Two Sisters Teams :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 1 Fire Heart | First wing hug by MlpCocoaBean64 Fire Heart | First wing hug :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 2 0 SSA portrait by MlpCocoaBean64 SSA portrait :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 We got this Daze by MlpCocoaBean64 We got this Daze :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 The things that they can't control by MlpCocoaBean64 The things that they can't control :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Silver Quill gift by MlpCocoaBean64 Silver Quill gift :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 1 Lightning Bliss gift  by MlpCocoaBean64 Lightning Bliss gift :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 8 0 First Four Bronies  by MlpCocoaBean64 First Four Bronies :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 5 1


so a certain deviant by the name of IAmAN00dle has been going through a hard time... I want to make a piece of art for her but haven't quite had enough time as I'd like at the moment to be able to draw. Mio, I'd like to show you my progress that i made on the drawing... I'm gonna try my best to get it done asap... I hope you have a great day!


Filename by MlpCocoaBean64
Paste Brush (AT)
I did an art trade with one of my buds from school. My fail attempt at shading though...
Crystal Princesses
First time I scanned something!
So this drawing is Cadence and Flurry Heart as their older selfs. and Cadence her hair and cutie mark is different than the show cause she has lots of magic in her cause Celestia transfered her magic to Cadence before she died... yes in my next gen Celestia is dead. As for Flurry her cutie mark represent like her being a medic kinda princess like very aprochable to come to with your problem and shes allways out in public helping folks.
note: Celestia is dead but Shining Armor isnt... dont question it... yet.
Brony Cooper Gift
Happy birthday cooper I wanted to make a little gift think for your birthday!

Quilly belongs to :iconbronycooper: Hey I didnt forget about the little hair sticking out ;p

mmm.... more digital art ppl
So I've had an art block lately, when do I never, but this is an anouncement that involves me drawing your oc for free just because why not. There will be 4 different choices:
Sketch-30 min or so
Black and white- 1 hours or so
Pen and color pencils- 1 hour 30 min or so
Digital- 2-5 days
All of this take my time out of my day and it all depends on what I'm doing. No need to send me a note you can just comment! Yay!
This is sunshine daze saying hope your happily confused!


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