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Gimme your cookies!!! by MlpCocoaBean64 Gimme your cookies!!! :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Re-Draw MothBall and ScrewBall (sketch) by MlpCocoaBean64 Re-Draw MothBall and ScrewBall (sketch) :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 Making fun of Aiming  by MlpCocoaBean64 Making fun of Aiming :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Hey Burry... by MlpCocoaBean64 Hey Burry... :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 Meet the Artist  by MlpCocoaBean64 Meet the Artist :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 2 2 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! by MlpCocoaBean64 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 2 0 Wolf Cuties (Gift for friends) by MlpCocoaBean64 Wolf Cuties (Gift for friends) :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Human Twinkle Star (Alicorn Version) by MlpCocoaBean64 Human Twinkle Star (Alicorn Version) :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Paste Brush (AT) by MlpCocoaBean64 Paste Brush (AT) :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 Crystal Princesses  by MlpCocoaBean64 Crystal Princesses :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0 Brony Cooper Gift by MlpCocoaBean64 Brony Cooper Gift :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 2 1 Satire Shadow by MlpCocoaBean64 Satire Shadow :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 Sunshine Daze Ref 2 by MlpCocoaBean64 Sunshine Daze Ref 2 :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 Catch That Hatchimal~ math project cover page by MlpCocoaBean64 Catch That Hatchimal~ math project cover page :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 1 0 Luster Cover in Birdemic by MlpCocoaBean64 Luster Cover in Birdemic :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 0 0 Chears and Sparkle Heart by MlpCocoaBean64 Chears and Sparkle Heart :iconmlpcocoabean64:MlpCocoaBean64 3 0


Gimme your cookies!!!
Once upon a time Feather Bright didn't eat lunch because she was having a busy day. She saw Aiming sitting down eating cookies. Bright walked over to him and sat down, inhaled dramatically, and said "I'm dying! Gimme your cookies!"

AL- No!
FB- You don't understand.
AL-You're right I don't, so no
FB- I haven't eaten all day!
AL- So you come to me first?
FB- No, your here eating food. So I came.
AL- Fine...
FB- Thank you! *hugs Aiming*
AL- *blushes* uhh... you're w-welcome...
FB- *lets go awkwardly* of umm sorry for hugging you... are you blushing?
AL- I umm maybe. You just hugged me because i was giving you a cookie. I't just caught me off guard...
FL- Hahaha I'm sorry. But for reals thanks dude.
AL- I umm no problem. "Oh my goodness she is turning red to! She's so cute." He thought
FL- Anyway thanks shortie!
AL- Bye Feathers
FL- Don't go skipping bases! No one calls me that!
AL- Maybe I'll be the first! *He yelled back as she walked away*
FL- Better not be staring at me! *she yelled one last time*
Re-Draw MothBall and ScrewBall (sketch)
I did a re-draw on my year old drawing of mothball and screw ball. Personally I feel like I improved so much on it! Also it's cool that I am still getting likes on my old drawing of these two.

MothBall and ScrewBall belong to DisneyFanatic2364

Making fun of Aiming
Feather Bright- Aqua Green pegasus
Sunshine Daze- Yellow pegasus
Aiming Laughter- Green unicorn

FB- Hey isn't that the guy you like *pointing towards Aiming*
SD- *Turns a slight pink on the face* I dont like him anymore! I'm dating Surprise...
FB- Just because you are dating Surprise doesn't mean you can't still check out other stallions. Let's go talk to him!
SD- I'm not good at talking... I can't keep eye contact with him... his eyes are blue...
FB- Fine, then I will talk to him! *starts walking to Aiming*
SD- *follows Feather*
FB- Hey Aiming!
AL- Oh Hey! Feather, right? Oh hey Daze!
SD- H-Hi
FB- whats up?
AL- Nothing much just training.
FB- The hell? For what?
AL- To be a royal guard
FB- pfft royal guards do nothing to protect the princesses.
AL- Yes they do!
FB- Name one time the royal guard did something important
AL- Uhh...
FB- Exactly. Bet you couldn't beet me at race.
AL- HA! I'm a male unicorn. I am very well fit to be a royal guard.
SD- Actually if you were a female unicorn you would be much smaller. And considering that we are the same height as you. We have about the same endurance maybe even more. So you are basically relying on your gender...
FB- You here that? Now with that in mind. Let's race.
AL- Ya know what? Fine! Let's race.
SD- I wanna join in to!
AL- Sounds good to me. If I win then Bright has to be nice to me for a week
FB- And if we beet you, we have bragging rights.
SD- And you have to buy us lunch for a week
AL- okay then. To that tree to and back. NO WINGS!
SD- sounds good. I hate flying.
FB- Ready... Set... GO!

The two pegasi ran at their normal pase, while aiming was trying as hard as he could still he wasn't able to catch up with the girls. Daze and Bright made it to the finish together and waited for Aiming.

FB- You're doing great!
AL- *crosses the finish* shut up
FB- Tenemos más poder que el guey. (We're stronger than him, fuck.)
SD- No me digas (Dont even tell me)
AL- How the hell did I lose?
SD- How do you train?
AL- Protection spells, running, all that jazz
SD- Yeah, protection spells are gonna wear you out. Trust me I know magic. Take it easy on magic and you will get better.
AL- What do you do?
SD- Running every morning. That's it.
AL- you mind if I join a couple times?
SD- I umm uhh s-sure
FB- Anyways. This was fun! But we gotta go. *she winked at Aiming*
AL- *Turns red when she did that* "That was really cute" he thought.
SD- Damn Feather, don't tease the boy. Bye Aiming
AL- Yeah. I umm uh bye! "Damn it. Those two are cute as hell" he thought.

Woah that was a long one! Anyways I am starting to make my next gen series so yeah.
Meet the Artist
Hey so I did a Meet the Artist thing because why not??

Btw, my bag says OMO on it and my friend has the NOH...
So I've had an art block lately, when do I never, but this is an anouncement that involves me drawing your oc for free just because why not. There will be 4 different choices:
Sketch-30 min or so
Black and white- 1 hours or so
Pen and color pencils- 1 hour 30 min or so
Digital- 2-5 days
All of this take my time out of my day and it all depends on what I'm doing. No need to send me a note you can just comment! Yay!
This is sunshine daze saying hope your happily confused!


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